1. “I don’t wish to construct muscle, I simply wish to look toned.”

Significantly? What’s “toned”? The place do you suppose “toned” comes from? The magical “toned” tree? Right here’s The Fact About Getting That “Toned” Look.


2.”Don’t you are worried about getting huge muscle tissues?”

Frankly, if I’m going to spend an hour a day lifting my very own body weight, I’d fear if I didn’t. Greater muscle tissues are sort of, um, the purpose.


 three. “I don’t like muscly ladies.”

That’s cool, bro, cos we don’t such as you.

four. “When you cease lifting, your muscle tissues will flip into fats.”

Let me say this as soon as. Sandwiches don’t “flip into” unicorns. Rocks don’t “flip into” amphibious touchdown autos. And muscle doesn’t “flip into” fats. Right here is why Why Turning Fats Into Muscle is a Fantasy


5. “Women shouldn’t raise greater than three kilos or they’ll get cumbersome.”

Ought to most likely put that sack-sized purse down then, girlfriend. Girls, Elevate Weights and Look Attractive. Lifting Gained’t Make You a Freak


 6. “Aren’t you frightened of trying like a person?”

No. Simply, no.


 7. “Don’t get too muscly!”

Don’t get too entitled to touch upon what one other girl does along with her physique!


 eight. “So I assume you reside on hen and protein shakes.”

Not gonna lie, there’s lots of hen and protein shakes. And steaks. And candy potato chips. And burgers. And ice cream. And cheesecake. And all of the meals. We do it for the features.


 9. “You’ll find yourself trying like Arnold Schwarzenegger.”

On condition that, as ladies, we lack the requisite testosterone to bulk like Arnie, we’re aiming for Rihanna.


 10. “What a couple of thigh hole?”

Preserve your hole obsession. We’re going for man-killing thighs of metal.


 11. “Lifting weights makes ladies cumbersome.”

Nope. Lifting weights makes ladies sturdy, wholesome, assured, and curvaceous. Oh, and arduous as nails.


 12. “‘Actual’ ladies aren’t muscly.”

Actual ladies are muscly and thin and fats and black and white and brown and quick and tall and bushy and three-limbed and blonde and ginger and bespectacled and regardless of the hell we wish to be.


 13. “Girls who raise are all on steroids.”

Yup, a small minority of feminine bodybuilders are on the juice. Similar to a small minority of journalists turned out to be cellphone hackers. Don’t tar us all with the identical brush, please.


 14. “Do you want assist with that?”

Issues that guys say to ladies within the fitness center is worthy of its personal checklist, however this one is the worst. Often mentioned once we go to rack up our plates, or on the peak of each. single. bicep curl. I’m within the weights room; I’m right here to select up heavy objects.


 15. “So, can I really feel your biceps?”

Truly, we’ll by no means get bored with listening to that.

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