Get a Box of Free Samples from PINCHme

PINCHme is a free sample program that mails you free samples of products from major brands and then asks you to review those samples so they can send you more.
This is not just one or two free samples though, you’ll get a box of free samples from PINCHme.
Get a Box of Free Samples from PINCHme
Get a Box of Free Samples from PINCHme 

Joining PINCHme

You’ll need to join PINCHme before you can start getting their free samples. You can do this by creating an account or signing up through Facebook.
Once you’ve joined, I recommend completing your profile. This will give you a much greater chance of getting free samples offered to you.

Getting Free Samples from PINCHme

After you’ve joined PINCHme, you’ll want to visit the PINCHme free sample page to see if there are any free samples that you can request. Depending on your timing, you may find one, several, or they may be out of free samples.

New to PINCHme? Here’s How It Works:


SIGN UP FOR FREE now on and take the shopper survey. PINCHme will find the best samples for you. Clck on banner.


Once a month on Sample Tuesday, choose samples to add to your PINCHme box. No credit card required + shipping is 100% free. 


After your samples arrive, log back in and share any product feedback with PINCHme. 
Note: because of the 100% FREE nature of the platform, members are not guaranteed to receive a box on Sample Tuesday. There are many factors that impact who qualifies for samples, including the volume of samples (available while supplies last) and the targeting specified by the product brands. 

Types of Free Samples You Can Get from PINCHme

There’s a lot of variety in the free samples you can get from PINCHme. In the past, there have been free samples of lotion, coffee, chocolate, soap, perfume, chips, supplements, moisturizer, tissues, dog treats, shampoo, makeup, cereal, and more.