Hello! How are you? Happy February 1st! Happy Meatless Monday! Happy Meaty Monday (if that’s your thing)! Happy RER reading day!  Happy 1st day of the 24 Day challenge if you’re joining me on it! Happy whatever you want!

I’m chipper for it being so early and Monday and cold! Ha!!

Today I have a super easy Meatless Monday idea to share AND a great tip for the 24 day challenge. First let’s start with the worst part of the challenge… weighing myself.

You know how I weigh myself?

I don’t.

I really never weigh myself. (Or check myself so I’m constantly wrecking myself)

In the past when I’ve wanted to weigh myself as a gauge I would step on the scale and have Ben look at it and then wait a month or so and have him look at it again and just tell me if I was making progress. I just was stuck on a certain number in my head for so long that it drove me crazy even if I was feeling better and eating healthy.

But I also opt out of being weighed at the doctor’s office too. So it’s hard for them to tell if my thyroid medication is working in relation to my weight.  I decided because of the challenge and to keep a health record for myself I’d step on and check in for a starting weight.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally am doing this challenge because I want to lose weight. My pants are getting tight and I feel heavier when I run. I just usually check my progress by before and after pictures, the mirror or how clothes fit. That last one is hard to do since all my pants are stretchy though.

Anyway. I weighed myself this morning. And it wasn’t a big deal.

And then I was ready to start my 24 Day Challenge!

I ate some raspberries and walnuts while getting ready to run.

It was SUPER windy out today! Crazy windy. I managed 8 miles and came home to eat oatmeal, chug the Fiber drink and a ton of water.

Here’s a tip to help get you ready for the challenge…

There is a fiber drink, Spark, Omegas and some herbal cleanse supplements you take for the first 10 days. That is a lot to remember to take with you to work or school or wherever you spend your time.

Tip: Put everything you need for each day in a baggie labeled with the day. Then, you just have to grab it and go. (Ideally you can grab this along with your prepped meals.)


And now let’s talk FOOD, specifically a delicious and super easy Meatless Monday idea.

I am eating a whole grain, protein and vegetables at each meal and trying to watch portion sizes.

So to throw together a super easy vegetarian meal I used a serving of brown rice (from yesterday), frozen veggies (frozen aren’t packed in salt or sugar) and cooked up two eggs. Top with Sriracha and enjoy!!

The yolk mixed with the rice makes the most delicious sauce ever.

Question: What are you having for dinner tonight?

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