Bone marrow is an important complementary food, easy to love – if you like greasy and salty treats. And the bone marrow is a treat with its extreme richness, its meaty taste and its fat and creamy texture. It is a delicious fuel for the body, rich in vitamins and minerals.

Bone marrow is also easy to prepare. Just a few drops of salt (and maybe fresh herbs) to achieve perfection in the oven.

The roasted marrow is good enough to be eaten with a spoon, which is usually the case. Forget these spoons with fantasy marrow; instead, have your butcher cut long bone marrow (also called "canoe cut"). This cup exposes the marrow and makes it much easier to hollow out. Naturally grass fed is best, both for flavor and nutrients. The bone marrow can be served with a separate green salad, to cut the richness, and is also tasty enough to be poured over grilled vegetables.

For: 4

Time in the kitchen: 30 minutes


4 marrow bones cut lengthwise (canoe cut)
1 teaspoon finely chopped fresh rosemary (5 ml)
12 small cloves of garlic

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Recipe Note: Some recipes recommend soaking the marrow bones in brine (about 2 liters of cold water and ½ cup of kosher salt) overnight before roasting them. This cleans the bones, removes some of the blood and makes the bones look better. However, if you buy high quality grass fed bones, brining does not seem to make much difference in terms of the taste or quality of the roasted marrow. The blood stains that appear on the surface of the bone marrow before cooking the bones are perfectly normal and do not need to be wiped.

Preheat the oven to 218 ° C / 425 ° F.

Place the bones, bone marrow up, on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper or aluminum. Season the marrow generously with salt. Sprinkle rosemary on the marrow.

Rub garlic cloves with loose peeled paper, but do not peel them. Cut both ends of the cloves of garlic. Rub the cloves with a little bit of oil. Spread the cloves of garlic around the bones.

Roasted 25 minutes. The marrow should be very soft and warm all the way through and make a little bubbling.

Extract the cloves of garlic from their peel. Put the cloves in the marrow and eat with a spoon.

Bonus Recipe: Bone Marrow Butter

A great idea for any extra butter left, bone marrow butter. Just let the bones cool in the refrigerator, then scrape the marrow and herbs into a bowl. Whisk for 2 minutes.

Bone marrow butter is ideal for sweet potato toasts or grilled / grilled vegetables, but use your imagination to enjoy!

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