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When did I see it for the first time? It was in November 2017. I climbed on my scale and I proceeded to logging my information into my fitness tracker. There he was looking at me. The tracker already knows my age and size and made a calculation that had never really caught my eye before. Under the heading IMC (Body Mass Index), the word Overweight was highlighted in a color intended to catch my eye. That's the case.

I never had what could be called a weight problem. In fact, at first glance, most people would consider me to be tall (at 6'2 ") and lean. But with a BMI of 25.8%, I was now in the "overweight" category. I realize that a calculation of BMI done in this way does not take much into account and that muscular people will have a higher BMI and that this should not be a good indicator of a healthy weight. But it's not me, I do not have musculature, so this excuse does not hold water. The fact was that I let my weight and my body fat go up, I was let go. More importantly, when I looked naked in the mirror, I was not happy with what was there and wanted to change.

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Now I had vaguely followed Mark's Daily Apple brand and was very familiar with the newly released Keto Reset diet book that caught my eye. So I made the quick decision to order the book and get ready for the start of my reset experience before the big holiday season. My goal was to start on November 1, 2017 and to spend at least until the new year. The most important is to track my body fat percentage and my weight of course.

That's what I did and here are my results. (These details about body fat and weight come from my personal scale, so they are not exact figures, but they show my steady and constant descent.) These results DO NOT include a new routine. training. In fact, I did not do any exercise programs for the first 45 days, and then I started adding quick walks of 20 to 40 minutes, 3 to 4 days a week in mid-December, which I am pursuing to this day.

Started on 01/11/2017 – 24.2% fat / Weight 201.2 lbs / 25.8 BMI
01.12.2017 – 19.0% Fat / Weight 183.6 lb / 23.6 BMI (Monthly Totals -5.2% Fat / -17.6 lb)
1/1/2018 – 19.6% fat / Weight 177.4 lb / 22.8 BMI (Total for the month + 0.6% fat / -6.2 lb)
01/02/2018 – 16.5% Fat / Weight 170.6 lbs / 21.9 BMI (Monthly Totals -3.1% Fat / -6.8 Lbs)

During these 3 months, I reduced my body fat by 7.7%. My weight was reduced by 30.6 lbs. And my BMI is now comfortably in the "normal" category, going from 25.8 to 21.9.

Was it easy? Yes and no.

The plan itself was easy and I had no problem with the transition and knew what I needed or could not do to get the results I wanted.

The hardest thing was to stay on track at these holiday get-togethers filled with sweet treats and this festive weekend between bachelor liquor and other treats. Was I perfect? Far from there! But I have also made many good choices. When I allowed myself to "cheat", I did it in moderation. For example, I ate a piece of my mother's pecan pie for Thanksgiving, but it was a little bit and I had ice cream. During the festive weekend between singles, I drank more alcohol than I should have (go figure with), but I tried to stay out of the way beer and keep it with alcohol and wine.

I continue this journey with the desire to continue to reduce my body fat percentage. The first 90 days of success have convinced me that I can do that, and more. I will now add some resistance training and see what kind of muscle I can add to this 48-year-old body. Something that I have never managed to achieve in my life. The Keto Reset Diet book gave me the tools to better control my body and my health in general.

At the time of writing this article, Valentine's Day 2018, I am at 16.1% fat, weighs 169.8 pounds with a BMI of 21.8.

I also have health benefits that should be more than a side note here. I ordered a lipid test at the end of my first 90 days to see how this new routine could affect my overall health. My triglycerides at 2/2/18 were at 64 with an HDL / Tri ratio of 1.08. The most recent test before was 18/10/2014 and my triglycerides were at 168 and my HDL / Tri ratio was 3.7. What a huge improvement, a drop of 104 for my triglycerides! I would like to have a closer reference test, but I know that very little has changed for me in my diet and actively since that previous test, if any. worst. I doubt my numbers are better when I started this a little over three months ago, but I am very happy with my current situation.

Thank you for everything you provide to Mark (and Brad)! Life has changed for me.

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